Achived -

What has been achieved up to now

We have helped people in need, built up trust and established a basis for our work. The appreciation and gratefulness of the people of Nkum, has made in us the strongest and greatest impression of our visit and our time spent in Ghana. They were also very amazed that they who live in the interior of Africa experienced such attention and care, have not been forgotten by the World. 

During our outreach in the last years we were able to bring a lot of important material for the school, health care and the inter-cultural dialogue with us, but also managed to spend a good time with the children, playing and celebrating.

Another important aspect of our project was the laying of a water pipeline in the school, which had been financed through us and our supporters. During our stay in Nkum we could witness the completion of the laying and the great joy of everybody in the village, as there had been a great need for the water for a very  long time.

Up to now, we have  built up a small farm, planted corn and husbandry for chicken and goats.