Donation -

We are grateful for every donation and every helping hand

Financial assistance or donations in kind are always welcomed but we also appreciate a "donation of time", a sharing, a helping hand and support in prayer.


Financial donations
Financial donations may be transferred to the bank account of the International Christian Revival Church Berlin, which has been registered as a public corporation, provided with a corresponding designated use. The full amount is being used for the project "give to eat", as we are working in a honorary capacity and carry all administrative expenses ourselves. Contribution receipts may be provided.


Sponsorship for a child
A sponsorship means to donate a certain amount at regular intervals in order to provide one child with education (or in case of younger children appropriate care), school uniforms and daily meals. As a sponsor you receive verification for the childīs education and an overview of the childīs environment. Beyond that, it is possible to keep direct contact with the child and its caregivers.

Thirty to fifty (30 to 50) Euros a month are enough to open the door to a good future for one child. Smaller monthly amounts meet the needs either for health care or school materials.

Sponsorship for the education or training of youth are important as well. In this case, expenses must be fixed individually. In the environment of our project there are also people with disabilities or mental diseases, who are in need of special assistance. For further information you may use the contact form.


Donations in kind
Integral part of our outreaches were the donation in kind we brought with us from Germany, such as medicine, eyeglasses, a computer and many other items. Particularly popular were the toys and footballs we gave to the children.


Donations of time
Donate us some time and spend a memorable time in Africa. You may also invest your time assisting us to organize the project here in Berlin. Contact us for further information.