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Mission Report 2016


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2. We have provided several hundreds of  poor inhabits with medical treatments and given out medicines to many hundreds. Our free medical treatment enabled many cottage and village dwellers to bring their complaints to the doctors for treatments. The missions clinic here is frequently visited by many more on daily basis.


3. The school children have increased drastically. There is not enough classrooms for the growing number of pupils, so we are now errecting a new classroom block for the school, and a small staff room for the teachers which they will use as rest room and preparation room.


3.  The Toilet facility has become a great sense of pride for the school and for the people of NKUM.  We have now got a water Tank also  the school to contain water for drinking and also washing during times when there is water shortage.


4. Our presence in this small place in the last six years has motivated the district / Metroplitan assembly to provide more infracstructure. Therefore the main road leading to Nkum is now under construction to help the indigneous farmers to transport their harvested goods to the cities for sale.


5.  We have able to increase food production in the Give To Eat Farms to unable consistent free lunch in the school . This work has become sustainable and very much blessed.


6. The Animal Husbandry of Goats and Chicken Poultry is also underway and produce very good results 


7. The number of people working together with us as local partners and fully helping to develop our projects are now 10 in number including our Coordinator Mr Ricahard Kobby Abbam. 


8. All the " PatenKinder " are very well and working hard in school. We have had good occasions to see all of them and see how they live and how they are. We had a very big happy re-union with all of them and great was the fun and joy. Its so remarkable to see how great joy it is when children are allowed to be children and have fun. They are all very grateful that they are not in the streets and on farmlands for 12 hours a day in the scotching sun. This alone is a great achievement for all of us ar Revival Church in Berlin.   


9. We also conducted seminars for the teachers to instruct them on non-violence teaching methods. Our aim to to discourage the use of  canes and stick in the classroom. In this part of the world, teachers beat up school children mercilessly nd as a result aggression amongst children is the increase. We were amazed to see how delightful and happy the teachers attended the classes and how they want to become multiplactores for other teachers in the neighbouring schools as well.


10. We have formed a Town development committee involving farmers, artisans, pensioners, workers, men , women, pastors and youth representatives. Their task is to help maintain all our projects here and make it sustainable when we are not here. Together with our coordinator, they are to provide analytical assessment, citical observation and recomment projects that will enhance and advance our cause.


11.Our project has brought together Pastors, churches, chiefs and village elders to work together to achieve a common goal. And this goal is to discourage corruption and foster joint project developmental thinking abilities.


12.  Our team is also very cohesive , united and strong. In our team are four medical  workers ( 2 doctors, 1 Physiotherapist, 1 Medical Student ), Three Teachers ,  1 Ergotherapist, 1 Sportsman and 1 Office management expert, and myself.  

Rev. Dr. Kingsley Arthur