The Project -

School, School-feeding and sustainable farming

Our concept envisions, helping the children by a farming project. The necessity of a school feeding program is obvious to anyone who gets to know about the surrounding circumstances of school attendance for the children in Nkum. In this area many of the children are needed as workers, so as to ensure that the family income is high enough to feed the whole family. Those children, who enjoy the privilege of being allowed to attend school, often have to walk several kilometres in the burning sun to get to school and home again. Only then, in the evening can they take some rice or other food. Our project is able to assist both groups of children.

The public school, is of benefit for the children if they

  • Do not have to work for the family income,
  • can afford to purchase a school uniform and
  • are able to manage the walk to school.

Assistance to overcome those obstacles is to be provided by

  • gains and products of the farm,
  • sponsorships and
  • donations.

In the long term the project is to pay for itself.